Televisual Creative is a new project marketing content agency for film and editorial.

Televisual Creative offers a best-in-class, project-centric approach. What sets us apart is that we look at every project from a fresh perspective - there's no one size fits all approach. We don't take on dozens of projects but rather work with the very best directors and production talent to produce and deliver beautiful brand marketing films that stand out and make a difference for high profile brands like Sony, Panasonic, Fuji and Samsung.

Wehave been working in 4K since the format was first announced and have mastered over a dozen HDR projects, some for theatrical playback.

We are adept at taking your brief and working with you to establish exactly what’s needed, working to your timetable and budget, and most likely surprising you with a lower cost for a (much) better final film.

We have editorial sensitivities and know how to tell a credible, authentic testimonial or case study that has value and meaning and makes a tangible marketing impact.

We work with BAFTA-winning talent and master to the highest production values.

We have unique add-ons including the finest 4K and 6K London aerial footage and timelapse as a free of charge value add to your next production. We can also deliver 4K High Dynamic Range for large display and cinematic presentations to ensure your next event film really stands out.

We fulfill film and editorial projects for some of the world's leading companies and organisations, including Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Fuji Film and The National Theatre. From product and service launches to high-end film camera and lens demos, from customer case studies to short documentaries and event reports.

Our returning customers know we have an exceptional offer at an affordable price, while of course you can only find out by working with us.

You can see a selection of our film and print work here.

For more on Televisual Creative's high-quality, cost-effective approach to production, see 'Our approach in detail' below.

The Televisual Creative Team


James Bennett
Managing Director

James has produced and directed scores of high-end films for blue chip customers and has been at the cutting edge of 4K and more recently HDR film production. James simply makes things happen on time and on budget and always goes the extra mile to deliver more than was promised.


Sarah Bennett
Business Development Director

Sarah is an experienced marketing and sales professional and has worked in leading Soho post houses with customers ranging from the BBC to Universal Studios. Sarah approaches each project from a consultative approach to ensure we understand what’s required.


The team at work



Film case studies, testimonials and event reports

We've filmed case studies, multiple voice testimonial films and event reports in retail environments, police stations, hospitals, train companies, theatres, hotels, museums, stadiums, city squares, at exhibitions and conferences, television and outside broadcast companies… in short, in many controlled environments.

In all cases, we take our interviewees from behind their desks and shoot them within their wider environments. We cut their comments against relevant product and in-context general views.

OK, many producers claim the same.

The added value with Televisual Creative is, even with what's typically a single shoot day, we create content with a dramatic, filmic flair – shot by cinematographers on film cameras – that elevates the final films. We’re nimble and hard-working and capture a broad range of varied cutaways, making our films all the more watchable.

We understand your customers only connect with the brand and key messages if presented with an authentic, credible and natural voice and they also need a clear narrative arc. We understand your customers’ time is limited and you need your films to be succinct. We have decades of editorial experience in print and video and create believable storytelling fully covering a film’s marketing imperatives. Our films make nuanced and deeper connections beyond the spoken word.

You want films you can proudly share with customers that reflect your organisation’s status and values. You can see many examples of our films here, broken down by theme so you can find relevant examples of what you might require.

Eye-catching product and services launch, demonstration and mood films

We are a go-to production company for high-tech vendors, which is how we started producing films. We have launched and demonstrated many of the world’s most impressive film cameras, lenses and post production technology for industry leading vendors including Sony, Panasonic, Fuji and Red.

Many of these films dramatically capture the beauty of the natural and urban world from the ground and air, with leading BAFTA-winning cinematographers ahead of mastering with Soho’s finest Oscar and BAFTA-winning post production talent.

Our films are played out on large displays at international trade shows and projected in cinemas in 4K. We were a trailblazer in 4K and now in High Dynamic Range (HDR) where in both cases we've been at the cutting edge of film production, even developing and delivering new workflows that have been much copied afterwards.

The audiences for these films are the most critical imaginable as they are fellow filmmakers and technical experts. So our production values – from shoot to post - have to be to the very highest cinematic standards.

We also master short 4K 'mood films' for Dixons Carphone to demonstrate 4K televisions alongside Hollywood film trailers, and are regularly approached to fulfill showreels for most of our customers. You can see some examples here.

Our production and post skills are where we can demonstrate difference, fulfilling productions with ‘corporate budgets’ with high-end commercials production values.

We work within finite budgets to deliver exceptional results. Vendors come to us because of our demonstrable talent and our agility in bringing in the best operators and talent while making a little money go an exceedingly long way and, of course, for the captivating beauty of what we produce.

HDR – the next big thing for live events

We passionately believe High Dynamic Range (HDR) will be this year’s must-have for live events, where image stand-out is an imperative and where everyone wants the 'wow factor'. We are almost unique in having delivered HDR content for large display and are able to deliver an effective, cost-conscious workflow employing the very best talent to deliver beautiful, mesmerising HDR films.

Exquisite 4K and 6K London footage

Televisual Creative has an extensive footage library of aerial, ground and time-lapse shots, filmed with leading operators on the world’s most powerful cinema cameras and lenses. The library covers the major London landmarks and clips are available to license for your production. They are free of charge to our corporate customers’ films when relevant to the final result. There are some beautiful graded aerial showreel films here to give you an example of what's possible to achieve with a creative grade.

The best production values, whatever the budget

Televisual Creative represents a production value step change, but without the mark-up. We're confident few can match our production values at the same price point to deliver the same high quality of work. We have a unique insight into the latest cutting edge production practices from owning Televisual, the leading B2B publication for television production. And, again through Televisual, we have an extraordinary talent pool to draw on and who want to work with us.

We don’t just offer an off the peg solution but work with you to reflect your final production needs and budget considerations. However, we believe there are three key people essential to every production: the producer/director to manage the project and fulfill the vision, the cinematographer to ensure the film looks as beautiful as possible, and the editorial department. In our case, the latter deliberately consists of one person who works as both the interviewer and editor, to provide continuity from production to final story.

On top of this, if your film is going to be projected or played out on a large display, we believe it demands a proper colour grade. Although grading tools are now commonplace, grading talent and proper monitoring and a full toolset are not. Likewise, adding vfx and graphics is often enhanced in a proper post house environment with dedicated talent.

We shoot with BAFTA-winning production talent where we believe a very talented cinematographer, such as Steve Lawes, makes a tangible contribution to the final result. We have preferential hire costs that means we can offer bespoke hire packages at competitive rates. We prefer to shoot on cinema cameras and lenses as this greatly enhances the final look of the film. We own high-end cameras and kit, but are happy to hire in whatever production kit – from camera to lighting – the cinematographer desires for the project.

When a dedicated grade is required, we colour grade with some of Soho’s finest award-winning talent at leading post houses – for example, Chris Rodgers at Molinare or Vince Narduzzo at Narduzzo Too. For advanced graphics and vfx work, we work with the vfx teams at Rushes or Envy.

And whether in HD, 4K or HDR, we’re able to offer film and high-end broadcast production values at highly competitive price points.

Our passion for content and the moving image runs deep. Televisual Creative grew out of the long-established publishing house, Televisual Media UK Ltd, whose brands include leading TV production print/online title Televisual, the two-day Televisual Factual Festival exhibition held at BAFTA each year, and the annual Televisual Bulldog Awards.

We've been producing films under the radar for a decade, and our customers have all come through referrals or word-of-mouth. The launch of the Televisual Creative website represents a step change as we reach out and offer our unique services to a wider customer base.

About Televisual Creative