If you’re looking for the very best London aerial clips, you’ve come to the right place. Our aerial clips have all been shot on the best 4K cameras and lenses with the most talented operators working in the UK.

Televisual Creative filmed these beautiful 4K aerials of London during four separate helicopter shoots, capturing the city at different times of the day on industry-leading Sony and Red cinema cameras and lenses. The footage is available to license in HD or 4K and can be sent across as Pro Res 422 (HQ) or H264.

Below are eight showreels that feature many different clips from our extensive library, with each showreel graded to bring out the best of the footage. Following the showreels, we’ve broken down our aerial footage library by subject, from over four hours of original rushes, so you can find the exact clips you require. All the clips in this section are ungraded to enable you to create the specific look you need.

You can either choose from these ungraded clips or select pre-graded clips from any of the showreels.

So far, our footage has been used in over a dozen movies (including 2014's global hit Paddington), for television and commercials as well as corporate communications, including live events and online projects.

Our rates are competitive and we charge less than most footage libraries for the very best clips in the market. We are also available to advise on what we have and create attractive package deals.

Contact james@televisual.com or call +44 (0) 7976 526 353 or complete the form below for licensing or if you need a short branded film incorporating dramatic London views.

Showreels - all footage available to license

These are 'ready to go' graded clips, all of which are available to license in 4K or HD in your preferred file format.

The full 4K London aerials footage library

All the following ungraded (Log) clips are available as full-quality Pro Res 422 HQ files or smaller H264 files for use in your production. They have been used in many different feature film, television, commercials and live events. As you can see in the showreels above, they grade beautifully.

Licensing Enquiries

Complete the form below or send an email to james@televisual.com

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