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The Future of Post takes place on Wednesday 14th November at The Ray Dolby Theatre, 4-6 Soho Square, London W1D 3PZ between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

The Future of Post is a bi-annual free to attend event for post-production senior management, CTOs, chief engineers and senior operators and all those closely involved in defining and delivering post services - from ingest to deliverables - for mainstream broadcast, SVoD, film and commercials. The content is relatively technical with an emphasis on what’s changing and what’s new.

The Future of Post is where post and vendor speakers meet to share essential knowledge, show new products, define best business and technical practice and to discuss and debate points of change – both opportunities and threats. Televisual has gathered together many of the leading voices in this space who combined will shine a light on many of the challenges and possibilities you’re already aware of and possibly some that you’re not. The event seminar content is both detailed and comprehensive but retains an informality - this is a 'community event'. While we have a number of compelling exhibits in the Dolby Theatre foyer including first sight in London and demonstrations of some new pre-release products.

You will leave with new information and we hope some practical inspiration.

You need to register as spaces are limited but perhaps you’d like to know why?


There are four reasons to attend that combined sets The Future of Post apart


We have a compelling series of upstream panel discussions (two supported by case studies) running for around 75 minutes covering topical post technology and themes. All three sessions provide practical and relevant technology insight and give you plenty of opportunity to ask your own questions of the assembled experts and hear how your peers are implementing new product and infrastructure. We have an exceptional speaker line-up including some of the world’s leading technologists and post CTOs. All three sessions major on ameliorating challenges, what’s changed and what’s new?

You can find session details, speakers and timetable by scrolling down this page.

There are still many challenges to grading and mastering in HDR. We’ll be exploring how true is cross-conversion automation and whether you can ever retain the artist’s intent from SDR to HDR and vice versa, as well as looking at the new tools available including monitoring and test and measurement and articulating other pipeline challenges.

2018 has been the year IP and the cloud came of age for live production and with some very clever new applications for deliverables and distribution in tandem with the IMF push. The traditional post house has been comparatively slow to embrace IP for many reasons (not least ROI) but will the increasing groundswell force change and if so what might it look like?

Many of the largest post investments this year have been in storage and network solutions. We have invited three progressive storage vendors to come and articulate not just what they’re offering now but what’s coming up and why this fits with a specific M&E brief. They are joined by two of the UK’s leading post CTOs to provide some balance.

Please see the sessions, speakers and timetable immediately below


The Dolby Theatre foyer includes a number of exhibitors showing and demonstrating their latest pre-launch products. This event we have:

Sony’s showing the BVM-HX310 for the first time in London, side-by-side with the BVM-X300.

Better still – and a first – we’re running a Transkoder grading station within a gazebo (!!) running 16bit openEXR Aces negatives to push and pull images on the two Sony monitors so you can really make a judgement call. You can also catch up with the latest Colorfront updates within a 20minute session with Roundtable Film’s Jack Jones on the decks.

AJA are bringing their new (again pre-launch) HDR Image Analyzer along with their FS-HDR conversion and frame synchronising unit and Ki Pro Ultra Plus v4.0.

ELEMENTS will be showing their new all-NVMe storage solution. Housed in a slick 2U unit with all Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) drives, the new ELEMENTS NVMe provides up to 80TB of raw storage capacity for fast, reliable performance for up to 8K DPX workflows.

Global Distribution will also be bringing their new keenly priced Symply enterprise-class storage and showing the latest Atomos recorder/monitors.

And G-Technology will be demonstrating the lightening fast read/write speeds of their new Pro SSD drives with read/write speeds of up to 2,800MB/s or put another way that’s a terabyte in seven minutes.


You can pick up the latest Televisual Quarterly days before anyone else receives it with the Facilities 50, Commercials 30, Drama and Film Special, a first look at arguably this year’s biggest post story and rather a lot more. It is beyond doubt our finest single magazine for many, many years.


You can catch up with your peers and our assembled technology experts over drinks before and after the sessions. You can if you choose only come for the magazine and for the foyer demonstrations.

Registration is essential and given the event's historical popularity, we encourage you to register early to avoid disappointment.


The sessions lead with a panel discussion with leading post and vendor experts with two also leading with case studies with UK CTOs. All of the sessions lead on best current and future practice and explore change management. What's new? What's changing and what's already changed? Where are the opportunities and what are the challenges?

9.30-10.45am      IP, The Cloud & Remote Workflows

How is The Cloud changing production and post production? The session will look at where IP-based workflows can save money and how they are best employed across the production pipeline from ingest to deliverables. There is no doubt that this is The Year where IP is being increasingly utilised for broadcast applications and distribution but IP adoption has been slower for mainstream post. We start the session with a case study with Shane Warden about how ATP Media utilises the cloud for mutliple live feeds (contribution) from the venue to distribution. Davide Maglio is representing Ownzones which offers applications and processing on demand with the cloud of deliverable files and has already been accepted by Netflix. Jess Nottage lends a traditional broadcast post view on how Clear Cut Pictures work remotely and pass files between multiple locations. We’re also joined by Adrian Lombardi, Network Engineer and Jayesh Patel, Director Solutions Content from GTT to provide technical insight about what’s needed, security and encryption and cost implications and savings.

Speakers include: Tim de Marco, Head of Engineering - Live Galleries & Studios, IMG Studios * Jess Nottage, Technical Director, Clear Cut Pictures * Adrian Lombardi, Network Engineer, GTT * Jayesh Patel, Director Solutions Content, GTT * Davide Maglio, Director, Ownzones * CHAIR: Jake Robbins, Director, The Broadcast Associates

12.00-1.15pm    The Future of Storage & Archive

With the increasing demand for 16bit linear workflows, ever-heavier lifting and ever-larger deliverables, what are the primary vendors future plans to differentiate their offer? Envy’s Daniel Sassen was an early adopter of Pixstor and in an opening case study he outlines how Pixstor has evolved with Envy’s rapid expansion over the years. We also have three of the brightest vendor technologists on the panel and this an opportunity to ask our assembled experts about their future thoughts and plans for storage - from IP and the network to efficiencies, cost savings and additional functionality.

Speakers include: Daniel Sassen, Head of Technical Operations, Envy Post * Andy Howard, Chief Engineer, Motion Picture Solutions * Barry Evans, Chief Innovation Officer, Pixit Media * Heiner Lesaar, CTO, Elements Media Storage * Richard Warburton, Product Director, Global Distribution *

2.15- 3.30pm     HDR: From Cross-conversion challenges to monitoring, test & Measurement and Reporting

How accurate or desirable are automated cross conversions? Is there a disconnect between lighting for SDR or HDR if delivering for both? Is working in ACES the only way to go and how do you get there? What are the current monitoring options and has HDR test and measurement finally come of age?

Speakers include: Bill Feightner, CTO, Colorfront (and Award-Winning Colour Scientist) * Bryce Button, Director of Product Marketing, AJA * Richard Wilding, General Manager – Technology, Molinare * Chris Rodgers, Senior Colouist, Encore * Martin Parsons, Image Pipeline Consultant * CHAIR: James Bennett, Managing Director, Televisual Media UK *


You don't need to come for the full day but you do need to register for the sessions you'd like to attend at "BOOK NOW".

The Ray Dolby Theatre holds 68 people so attendance is limited and we kindly ask that you register in advance. This is not a come one, come all event but one only intended for post professionals. There is no above the line promotion.

Please arrive at least ten minutes before your session is due to begin.

Promotion for The Future of Post is deliberately close to the event to avoid attrition. We recommend you register early to avoid disappointment. (The last two events have both been over-subscribed.)

Drinks and snacks will be served throughout the day and there's plenty of time to see some of the product solutions and demonstrations in the main foyer and to catch up with our assembled technology experts and your peers before and after each session.

We want you to take an active part in the discussion, so please come armed with your own questions, challenges and concerns. The Future of Post is an opportunity to get up to speed with how post companies are embracing recent technology developments as well as to hear (and see) what's coming through and to directly address the fast changing business environment in which broadcast, film and commercials post operates.

Above all The Future of Post is about sharing knowledge across the post community.

We are always better together.