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The Future of Post is an upstream, bi-annual free to attend event for post-production senior management, CTOs, chief engineers and senior operators as well as post supervisors, production company and agency resource directors and managers, heads of production and all those closely involved in defining and delivering post for mainstream broadcast, SVoD drama, film and commercials.

We have an exceptional speaker line-up including senior post executives from

* Technicolor * The Farm Group * Envy * Molinare * Films@59 * Prodigious * Pinewood * Clear Cut * Fremantle * Splice * Cinelab *

Along with Black Mirror PPS * Moira Brophy * and leading technology experts from

* Jigsaw24 ** Quantum ** Rohde & Schwarz ** Avid ** Oracle ** Elements ** Atomos *

Registation is essential and given the event's historial popularity, we encourage you to register early to avoid disappointment.

The Future of Post is where post and vendor speakers meet to share expert knowledge, best business and technical practice and to discuss and debate points of change – both opportunities and threats. Televisual has gathered together many of the leading voices in this space who combined will shine a light on many of the challenges and possibilities you’re already aware of and possibly some that you’re not. The event content is both detailed and comprehensive but retains an informality - this is a 'community event'

The Future of Post is an upstream bespoke event comprising five 60-80minute stand alone panel discussions (some accompanied with case studies) over the course of the day exploring the post-production business, technology choices, workflow best practice and how the post market is evolving to meet new demands.

Delegates can choose to attend one 60-90minute session or all five but you do need to register as spaces are limited.

If you work in or with post, you need to be at Televisual’s Future of Post event.


The Future of Post takes place on Wednesday 14th March at The Ray Dolby Theatre, 4-6 Soho Square, London W1D 3PZ between 9.00am and 5.30pm. The venue holds up to 68 delegates within an intimate, purpose-built HDR viewing theatre. The Dolby Theatre Foyer is the perfect reception space where we’re showing demonstrations and serving drinks and where you can network and carry the conversation forward with our assembled experts who can answer most of your questions.

Registration is essential as numbers are limited. You can register for one or all of the sessions but you do need to register.


The sessions lead with a panel discussion with leading post and vendor experts with two also leading with case studies. All of the sessions lead on best current and future practice and explore change management. What's new? What's changing and what's already changed? Where are the opportunities and what are the challenges? The format for the conference-style sessions is a panel discussion with leading post and technology experts and business managers, often supported by a case study.

9.30-10.45am      The Future of Broadcast Post 

A broad panel discussion ranging from the changing (PSB) broadcast ecology and declining audience figures (and revenues for commercial broadcasters), an already reported downward pressure on rates from many post companies with ever-increasing costs, the increasing commoditisation of post processes, regionalisation and Brexit. Is it a race to the bottom or will the more agile post houses find new streams of revenue and make efficiency savings to secure a better future?

Speakers include: Dave Cadle, MD, Envy Post * Rowan Bray, MD Clear Cut * George Panayiotou, Business Development Director, Films@59 * Donna Mulvey-Jones, Head of Post Production, FremantleMedia UK * (Chair - James Bennett, MD, Televisual)

11.15-12.15pm    Remote Editing, VFX and Grading Workflows and the Remote MCR

What is the appetite within post and what's the demand from the customer? Is post-production becoming less location dependent? What's now practical and who's working through IP? Do post customers want to work remotely and what should be client attended sessions?

Speakers include: Damian Dolniak, Director, Splice Post * Jess Nottage, Technical Director, Clear Cut Pictures * Danny Hollingsworth, Solutions Specialist, Avid * (Chair: David Skeggs, Project and Pre-Sales Specialist, Jigsaw24)

12.45-2.00pm      HDR: The Devil in the Detail

From current best practice (leading with a Black Mirror Dolby Vision HDR case study for Netflix with PPS Moira Brophy and Senior Colourist Alex Gascoigne) to monitoring and colour management, test and measurement, captioning and titles, delivery formats, grading imperatives and what the publishers want.

Speakers include: Moira Brophy, Post Production Supervisor (Black Mirror) * Alex Gascoigne, Senior Colourist, Technicolor London * Miles Hall, Post producer, Films@59 * Richard Warburton, Director of Products, Global Distribution * Phil Oatley, CTO, Technicolor * (Chair: Jamie Allen, Jigsaw24)

2.30-3.45pm       Storage, Archive and The Cloud

How to manage, serve and store ever larger files efficiently while exploring many of the options currently being deployed and what's next? What storage do you need for higher bandwidth, higher resolution storage? How does it all link back to the cloud and what is the cost model? What connectivity is best for what uses? This session starts with a case study of Prodigious recent Xsan migration before exploring the key concerns post companies should have before embarking on new or additional infrastructure and what are the pitfalls?

Speakers include: Neill Clark, Technology Manager, Prodigious * Oliver Gappa, Sales Director Broadcast and Media West Europe, Rohde & Schwarz * Heiner Lesaar, Chief technology Officer, Elements * Richard Wilding, General Manager - Technology, Molinare * (Chair: Graham McGuiness, Operations Director for M&E, Jigsaw24)

4.15-5.30pm       The Future of Drama and Film Post

Is the UK's recent success in drama and film sustainable? Is this a Golden Age for UK drama and film post houses? What is the impact of increasing technical demands from the film and SVoD studios? What are the barriers to entry? What do UK post houses need to do to stay ahead?

Speakers include: David Klafkowski, CEO, The Farm Group * Oliver Gappa, Sales Director Broadcast and Media West Europe, Rohde & Schwarz * Darren Woolfson, Group Director of Technology, Pinewood Studios * Adrian Bull, MD, Cinelab * (Chair: - James Bennett, MD, Televisual)

The Future of Post is also an opportunity to catch up with leading technology, post and production colleagues and peers.


The Future of Post offers distinct conference-style sessions to bring you up to speed with current structural implementation and workflows. Both sessions will provide practical and relevant technology insight and give you plenty of opportunity to ask your own questions of the assembled experts and hear how your peers are mastering to HDR and embracing IP workflows and solutions.

The Future of Post event is all about sharing essential knowledge about emerging technologies and processes that should prove immediately practical to all who attend.

Each session runs for approximately 60 - 90 minutes with half-hour breaks between each session. You can register for one session or all of the sessions but with limited spaces, registration is essential.


You don't need to attend for the full day but you do need to register for the sessions you'd like to attend at "BOOK NOW".

The Ray Dolby Theatre holds 70 people so attendance is limited and we kindly ask that you register in advance.

Please arrive at least ten minutes before your session is due to begin.

Promotion for The Future of Post is staggered and deliberately close to the event. We recommend you register early to avoid disappointment. (The last two events have both been over-subscribed.)

Drinks and snacks will be served throughout the day and there's plenty of time to see some of the product solutions and demonstrations in the main foyer and to catch up with our assembled technology experts and your peers before and after each session.

We want you to take an active part in the discussion, so please come armed with your own questions, challenges and concerns. The Future of Post is an opportunity to get up to speed with how post companies are embracing recent technology developments as well as to hear (and see) what's coming through and to directly address the fast changing business environment in which broadcast, film and commercials post operates.