A new film competition from G-TECHNOLOGY


Have you got a great idea for a short film?

G-Film London 2017 is a new film competition. We’re looking for six teams of two – a director and cinematographer – to shoot a short 4K film around the generic theme of 'London' in a single eight-hour day.

We’re seeking experienced cinematographers and directors with creative ideas and a knowledge of how to bring them to life.

Your film can be a comedy, documentary, drama, or whatever genre you want, and the 'London' theme can be interpreted however you like. It could be an intricate part of your story or simply just be the location you shoot.

With the supprt of the UK's largest rental company, Procam, we provide a full shooting kit, an assistant, a large sensor camera and even a van for the shoot . Better still with the support of Splice Post in Shoreditch a two-hour grade and conform. While, of course, with the competition you will receive bags of publicity in Televisual, from G-Tech and all of our partners.

An important part of G-Film London 2017 is each team will shoot with a different brand and model of camera.

We'll provide you with an industry-leading large-sensor camera, an experienced camera/sound assistant, a van with driver to take you to your chosen shoot locations in London, a free music license and a post house grading session to add the final polish to your creation.

With support from our co-partners – who are some of the very best in the business – we will help you get your film made. Once your film is finished, it will be promoted in Televisual magazine and televisual.com and through the extensive social media channels of ourselves and our partners.

You'll reach a sizeable audience of influential industry people through an assortment of highly regarded print, online and social media outlets.

The Shoot – Friday, 21st July or Saturday, 22nd July, Golden Square (you will be allocated one of these two days)

With Procam's expert support and crew, we’ll give you all the production tools for your shoot, including:

  • A large sensor camera
  • Lenses
  • A tripod, bars and media
  • A camera/sound assistant
  • A van with driver

You can shoot almost anything and anywhere in London, although only on the kit we supply. Please note, while we're providing the bulk of the production kit and a van with a driver to take you wherever you'd like to shoot in London, we won't be covering additional costs including actors and permissions. You will need to arrange your own shooting permits and bring in any actors you need, but you will have to cover any associated costs yourself.

Post & The Grade – A week later (final timetable tbc), Splice Post, Shoreditch

You leave the shoot with all your assets on G-Technology G-DRIVE ev ATC rugged hard drives, which you can keep, and have one week to edit the film in your own time, on your own kit, ahead of a two-hour 4K Baselight grade with Adam Dolniak at leading post house Splice in Shoreditch. Splice will then conform and master your final 4K film.

Judging – Wednesday, July 19th, Jigsaw, Golden Square

A judging panel will watch all of the films back-to-back and decide which is the best. Your film will be judged by renowned filmmakers, cinematographers and other highly regarded industry folk and be judged on the storytelling as well as the technical and creative qualities.


All teams who are chosen to take part in G-Film London 2017 receive two G-Technology G-DRIVE ev ATC rugged hard drives (one for each team member). The winner receives a 24TB G-Technology G-DRIVE Shuttle XL.

Entry Form

If you would like to be considered for G-Film London 2017, please complete this short form. We will respond to you over the next few weeks. Thank you for your interest and best of luck.

For the full terms and conditions for G-Film London 2017, please click here.

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