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6.00 – 8.30PM



For: senior management, creative directors, producers, directors, directors of resource and senior operators

This session includes a discussion on the uptake of HDR production in advertising and brand marketing; the benefits of delivering content in HDR for television, corporate live events and outdoor; how HDR production differs from SDR; how to plan and shoot for HDR; practical pitfalls; what to ask for and what happens in post and what you need as the production company; the production essentials for HDR and how to create a successful HDR workflow; the budget implications of producing HDR content and re-versioning SDR content to HDR.




6.00 – 6.10: Keynote - HDR Demand

Why master to HDR for television commercials, live events brand marketing and outdoor advertising? What is the consumer/viewer uplift? Why is early HDR adoption relevant and how will it benefit your customers? From television to mobile device and live event films.

This session includes a projected 4K HDR short film to introduce the session.


James Bennett, Managing Director, Televisual


6.10 - 6.30: Shadows and Highlights

See SDR and HDR played out side-by-side on consumer televisions and find out what HDR brings to the image. This is a beautiful short abstract film with some extraordinary images that look fabulous in SDR. Oona explains what she was looking to capture when shooting the piece, providing a unique opportunity to understand the image uplift HDR brings.


Oona Menges, Cinematographer

Michael Crusz, SHED


6.30 - 6.55: HDR Explained

What do all the HDR acronyms mean? Bryce joins us from the USA to explain what all the HDR fuss is about and what all those acronyms represent, as well as placing HDR in the context of the human visual system. It's the essential HDR brief.


Bryce Button, Director Product Marketing, AJA


6.55 – 7.10: Out of the attic

How to breath new life into your archive film, tape and digital files. We start the session showing an archive film from a famous music act, re-mastered from almost 50-year old 16mm film to 4K HDR, before discussing what you need to pull an HDR grade.

This session includes seeing Bugsy Malone as you've never seen it before with digitally re-mastered clips in 4K HDR from the original 1976 film release.


Simon Marbrook Final Frame London


7.10- 7.20: The HDR Shoot

An HDR monitor is the most essential piece of kit for an HDR shoot, and a lot more.


Lewis Brown, Atomos



7.35 - 7.50: London in HDR

A second projected 4K HDR film with side-by-side SDR and HDR analysis. The clips were all shot this April on a Canon C700 with Codex RAW recorder and include stunning aerial clips of the city as well as the Golden (Magic) Hour from the Thames.


Brett Danton, Director of Photography

Piers Leighton, Applications Specialist, Codex


7.50 - 8.05: HDR Pitfalls

Liz was post production supervisor for BBC and Amazon Studios’ comedy, Fleabag – one of the first HDR commissions in the UK. She is working on a number of other HDR productions and, in this session, highlights where HDR can go wrong from camera and lighting to on-set workflow and avoiding later post nightmares. This session includes side-by-side SDR and HDR clips from Fleabag.


Liz Pearson, Post Production Supervisor


8.05 - 8.20: How many deliverable files?

There are some extraordinary products available to enable the straightforward delivery of HDR files. Jack demonstrates moving between SDR and all HDR formats at 4 x real speed, while telling us what each format represents.


Jack Jones, Managing Director and Senior Colourist, Roundtable Films


8.20 - 8.40: HDR storage and deliverables

Leading technologists share their knowledge of what HDR represents and answer your questions regarding some of the main budget issues, including storage and deliverables.


Rupert Watson, Sales Director Jigsaw24


Christo Conidaris, Regional Sales Director, Quantum

Oliver Gappa, Sales Manager, Broadcast & Media, Rohde & Schwarz


8.40 - 8.45: Short 4K HDR Film and Close

We end with a beautiful short two-minute 4K HDR film projected on the extraordinary Dolby screen and afterwards you can see the film in SDR and HDR side-by-side over a cold beer. This film shows how HDR captures images naturally without forced lighting and subtly captures the natural world.